hey all so im looking forward to my 1st contest & plan on being ready within the next 3 months or so. as such im looking to find input from any veterans out there as this is my 1st show & ive tried exhausting many avenues & have not been too successful in finding the help i need.

    about me/stats: im 27, 5'6" 179lbs, lean sitting at about 12%. dont drink, drugs, etc. ive been athletic & lifting since i was about 12yrs old. i attended the Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, TX so i have that "never quit" attitude & discipline which is tattooed into my soul, ergo i have the discipline to follow whatever i put my mind to be it training, meal program, etc. im also a double certified personal trainer through The Cooper Institute, which for those that are familiar is a top-level institution. im schooled in training, nutrition & supps, as well as decently knowledgeable in AAS.-

    however be that as it may, im humble in admitting that i need to learn more in order to prepare and be successful at doing my 1st show, thus all input from you experienced bb's out there is GREATLY APPRECIATED & no bull**** i thank you for your time.

    my MAIN FOCUS is maintaining my lean muscle mass while MAXIMIZING FAT LOSS, thus thats where i would appreciate the knowledge-
    heres what im doing now & a list of supps, etc.

    6am- wake/cardio empty stomach (maybe some whey & BCAA's)

    7am- bfast: eggwhites & oatmeal

    10am- MRP protein shake & apple or small amount of raw almonds

    12pm- lift
    1pm- post lift shake: Controlled Labs "Golden Finish"

    2pm- post lift meal: tuna or chicken, brown rice & broccoli

    5pm- shake or bar, apple or handful of raw almonds

    7pm- dinner: chicken or salmon or turkey breast with lots of green veggies (no carbs)

    10pm/11pm: pre-bed shake w/ flax

    i lift 4x week
    cardio is done 5-6 @ moderate/high intensity for 30+ min.

    im on 4iu growth/day- no breaks
    40mg anavar
    im also "pulsing" cytomel @ 25mcg/day 6wks on 6wks off throughout
    ECA stack is 5 days on 2 days off

    as well as K-R-ALA type supp that i take w/ carb meals
    vitrix "natty test booster" ed as directed

    i always eat well, like i said have great discipline & could just truly use some veteran knowledge in "tapering" my meal program to maximize fat-loss while maintaining lean muscle mass and being ready for my show about 3months out- thx all once again i truly appreciate the help-

    i originally posted this in the "BB contest section"

  2. forgot to list Con-Cret Creatine im taking as well w/ the anavar

  3. also taking Con-Cret Creatine w/ the anavar

  4. anyone else lol? i came on these boards out of respect for some of the talent that I KNOW is out there, plz lend a hand if any of u bb's come across this-

  5. More vegtables, but diet is so dependant on body type. An extreme amount of fibrous vegtables will help keep calories/carbs up a bit without taking in high glycemic foods. Another benefit, if you take to grazing you won't get hungry.. just get a real hate on for vegtables lol

    Lots of Brocolli, Cauliflower, Green Beans, Snow Peas, Snap Beans, Red/Orange/Yellow peppers (these are a treat when on low carbs).

    Increse lean protein intake to make up for lack of calories in diet.

    Starches should come from Yams and or brown or parboiled rice, Steel cut or Large Flake oats.

    This is pretty old school, you may be able to use a nutrient partitioner to use more carbs but I stand by the sources. Something like AP or Yellow gold may enable you to increase starches and decrease fibrous vegtables.

    Only make small adjustments when things slow down. You should not have to greatly reduce calories to reach your goal. I start off around 2800 and end up around 2400 and I am an endo.

    Like I said nutrient partitioners change things and you definitely can get away with more, but who knows how well you will respond so you may not want to pick now as a time to experiment.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug



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