Carb Cycling Questions

  1. Carb Cycling Questions

    I am carb cycling and have a few questions maybe a few people can answer.
    1. Why do some sources say to eat a piece of fruit during the high and low carb day meals?
    2. Does it have any pro or con to tapering off the carbs at night?

  2. The fruit is added in to supply you with a minimal but healthy amount of natural sugars which are not enough to spike insulin levels and can quickly be burned off.
    Tapering off carbs at night is beneficial because after you workout, you are not going to burn off those carbs you eat later in the day and so your body will store them (fat). If you omit carbs in the afternoon your body will not replenish glycogen stores and you can become on your way to being ketogenic and burn fat for energy.

  3. Thanks. I figured it was still benefical to taper of the carbs at night but the articles I have read do not mention it.
    I have read to eat some carbs after you work out. But here is the kicker. I cant work out until like 6 pm - 7pm. So that kind conflicts with that.

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