my diet , help

  1. my diet , help

    hey guys
    i used to workout 5 times a week about a year ago , then started a job and couldnt fit it in, now i got a new job and started again about 4 weeks ago ,

    im trying to figure out my diet and get it spot on.
    im from australia and summer is coming up in 4 monthes so i wanna keep fat to a minimum. im probably at about 13-15% atm. mainly meso bodytype
    over the last month ive put on a fair bit of size.
    im currently doing hiit 3 times a week. and weights mon,tues,thurs.fri.

    my diet is around 2600cals , but i have a pretty physical job(plumbing)

    meal 1 is , myoplex deluxe shake
    meal 2 is , veges 35g of protein (chicken or steak)
    meal 3 is , myoplex deluxe shake
    meal 4 is , post workout meal 1 , 1cup of oats scoop of whey and some sultanas.
    meal 5 , post workout meal 2 , bannana
    meal 6 is , omelet with veges
    meal 7 is , myoplex deluxe shake

    b4 bed , 10g glutamine , 5g gaba

    pre workout
    scoop of whey , green mag , white flood , 10g of glutamine , 20g glucose

    intra , purple wraath

    post ,
    scoop of whey , 5g micronized creatine, 10g glutamine , 20g glucose

    it adds up to roughly 2500-2600

    if my main goal is to gain lean mass while keeping pretty lean, what would you recommend to change with my diet ?
    ive been told by a few ppl to cut the cardio , but others tell me to keep it?

    should i add more cals? if so , what are some easy ways to do it?


  2. How long have you been on this routine of lifting and diet plan? What results have you had so far? If you are around 150lbs, you might be able to scale it back a little. If you are just starting your diet plan, run it for 2 weeks and see what happens. Then you will know how to go from there, if you need to cut cals more, add some in, scale back cardio, add more in, etc. On what you posted, I would drop the shake for meal 1 and have whole food there. Omelette, some oats, get the same cals and macros, just whole food. Meal 4 and 5, I would just add the banana to the oats and whey. I don't know what sultanas are. Depending on how early your preworkout meal is, just switch them, have oats and whey and banana pre, and myoplex post. Meal 7 have some cottage cheese and serving of Peanut Butter. I typically have 1 shake a day if possible, more if in a crunch.

  3. You have way too many shakes and not enough whole food meals. You can do a couple shakes a day, but like above poster said, drop the morning shake and eat something qiuality like 1 cup oatmeal and some fruit or some eggs for quality protein. That way, you getting a good amount of slow digesting carbs and decent protein in the morning. I would also add a meal/shake before bed either casein shake or I usually go for cottage cheese. 1-1.5 cups is around 260-390 calories depending on fat content and 12-18g protein. Not a ton of protein but it digest slowly and feeds the muscles all night. Since you are at 150lbs, your daily calorie intake is around 2300-2400 a day. That's what you need to maintain weight. However, if your doing cardio/liftin, I would go 300-500 over maintenance for lean muscle growth. Just my .02

  4. The fat free cottage cheese I get has per half cup serving, 80 cals, 0 fat, 5 carbs and 15 protein.

  5. hey guys
    yeh ive been on this diet for about a month
    gained 12lbs , pretty lean still , cant see much fat gain if any.
    changed some things around

    meal 1 1 cup oats with protein
    meal 2 steak with veges
    meal 3 myoplex and fruit
    pre workout , dymatize iso 100 , creatine , white flood , glucose
    post , dymatize iso 100 , glutamine , creatine , glucose
    meal 4 post workout meal 1 , potato with steak
    meal 5 post workout meal 2 , banana with shake
    meal 6 omelete with veges
    meal 7 myoplex with flaxseed oil and milk.

    upped my diet to around 3500 , with my job and training it seems perfect atm.

    any more advice?


  6. looks good. Swap meals 4 and 5. Have the shake and banana first, then the steak and potato.


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