Back Pumps

  1. Back Pumps

    Hi guys!!! I was searching for the molecular/physiological basis of the so named " BACK PUMPS ". I have not found much about it and I really would like to know the causes of these BACK PUMPS. Anyone has some good informations?? Thank you very much!!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by soontobbeast View Post
    why does everyone care about pumps?

    i dont understand why making you look bigger while you are in the gym does anything.

    you will go back to your normal size 3 hours later.
    Not those types of pumps, he is referring to lower back pumps.

  3. I do beleive some think it's your kidneys or some organ that is inflamed causing the pain. Are you on a steroid?

  4. Not now! I think I will cycle BOLD 200 for 8 weeks at 800 mg/die on September but I was referring to the lower back pumps ( pain )... I am a bit worried about these back pumps...

  5. the two most common reasons i have heard of:

    1) bad form
    2) AAS use - especially superdrol

    do u get them on every training day regardless of what u train, or just certain bodyparts



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