daily water consumption

  1. daily water consumption

    just a generic question, and im assuming yes but correct me if im wrong..when people say to drink certain amount of oz. of water a day, can you count the water you drink when you mix with a protein shake or other supps..cuz i mix my protein with water and i also make xtend bcaa shakes with water so can i count that towards my daily h2o intake?

  2. Yes. Water, is water.

  3. thanks bro thats what i figured lol
  4. UKStrength
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    Even cups of tea/coffee/soft drinks count if you're used to drinking them.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by UKStrength View Post
    Even cups of tea/coffee/soft drinks count if you're used to drinking them.
    Debatable, if you take down a gallon of soda, you by no means have taken down even close to the equivalent of half a gallon of water. The diuretic and dehydrating effects of drinks like that don't add any benefit. But I would count water in shakes as water intake

  6. Yea i love coffee and tea and was always under the belief that because of the caffeine the water in those two dosen't really count, Someone correct me if i am wrong.


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