How many cans of tuna a day is too much?

  1. How many cans of tuna a day is too much?

    Right now im eating about 3 cans of tuna a day. Not by choice buts its cheap and convenient while in college. Does anyone kno how much tuna is too much in a day.

  2. How much tuna is too much?

    Should give you a pretty good idea.... But it depends on what kind your eating. White has much more Mercury than light.. but tastes better. 3 cans a day... should be okay for a bit but i would change over to something else after a month or so. Drink loootttsss of water (as per the norm)

  3. I usually eat one or two 5oz. cans a day usually for snack with some wheat bread. By the end of the week I usually need to stock back up. I too am a college student and wondered this before and have been doing it this way for about a year and a half now while fine tuning my diet and I seem to be ok with no problems, but then again everyone is different. hope this helps!

  4. A few cans per day of chunk light is not going to hurt anything.

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