For building strength, is bulking necessary?

  1. For building strength, is bulking necessary?

    When I started lifting, I was into the whole bulk and cut way of life. I did a lot of isolation movements (borrriiinnnggg) to help build my body equally.

    Now years later, my main goal hasnt ever focused on size. I did about of year of crossfit/endurance style training (which I loved, but doesnt do my for your physique). But now im back to doing what I love most, compound Olympic Lifting. I would say I am relatively new to Oly lifting, but have been progressing well.

    Heres my question. As someone who does purely Oly lifts and oly supplement lifts (I dont do any iso exercises like biceps or triceps), how should I be eating? I imagine professional oly lifters eat a **** ton, but how should someone like me eat? Again, my main goal is strength, not that I dont like the physique. I want to end up as one of those 189-200lbs, low bodyfat guys can Clean/Snatch twice his bodyweight, and then some.

    But am unsure how I should eat. I know copious grams of protein, blah blah blah. Should I be bulking? Or just maintaining. I am assuming theres no point to be cutting, as I need as much energy as possible from the calories.

  2. eat a normal bodybuilders diet - healthy, good cholesterol, mono fats, etc. the only difference is you have to eat your maintenance calories, and try to keep the rep ranges fairly low.

  3. ^ exactly. I was at a point where I ate at maintenance and lifted heavy sets, 6 reps max. Was roughly 115 pounds (few years back) and could decline press close to double my body weight.

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