125 Best Foods

  1. 125 Best Foods

    Men?s Health ? The Best Foods for Men - At The Grocery

    PREMIUM PACKAGED FOODS | Women's Health Magazine

    Yeah, they're from Men's and Women's Health, but they have some pretty good stuff in there.

  2. nice post - but wouldnt necessarily employ most of those foods in my diet. Good for maintenance diet or zone diet tips tho.

  3. Probably can only find like 5/125 up here in Canada though.

  4. i wouldnt eat 99% of that sh*tttt, definately not for people that are serious about bodybuilding.

    the only useful thing i saw was about the cottage cheese they selected

  5. who needs variety? i eat the same thing every day. eggs,olive oil,ranch,peanut butter, chicken breast, ground meat, and cheese.

    till the refeed....
    For me, the action IS the juice.



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