judge my diet

  1. judge my diet

    hey please let me know if my diet is ok for cutting
    im 6ft 255 pounds
    i weight train and do cardio 5 times a week and work nights so i go to the gym after work. i also do a ECY stack and take universal animal pak

    1-5 egg white 1 whole egg(parm cheese..mustard)/oatmeal-300 cal---5pm

    2-protein shake..beans-300 cal---800pm

    3-tuna-beans(mustard)-260 cal----1100pm

    4-6oz chicken 165 cal ---130am

    5-6 oz chicken and broccoli/(mustard)-300 cal----400am

    6-protein shake...200 cal----600am

    7- protein shake-after gym

    this is a total of 1725 calories
    all suggestions and comments welcomed
    thanks in advance

  2. It seems a bit low in calories for 255. Have you been tracking your calories prior to this and how many where you eating? You could probably stand to add a bit more fat into it. Keep what you have but add in another 50g of fat throughout the day, which is and extra 450 cals. That brings you to 2175 total. You could just add a Tbsp of E.V.O.O to your meals with tuna and chicken, and add in some almonds to finish it off. Otherwise it doesn't look too bad.

  3. I agree with Y&F. Adding more fat would be good. You should not go more than 500 calories under maintenance and 1725 does seem pretty low for your size. Calculate your maintenance and subtract 200-500 from that. This will be a low enough deficit for you to drop fat.

  4. Yea there is no fat in the diet at all. Thats crucial esp if you are trying to cut. Start cooking with virgin organic unprocessed coconut oil, if you consume about 2-3 tbs a day it has proven to raise your body temperature just under 1 degree. This means faster metabolism = faster fat burn etc.. You need some more calories, I couldnt live off that diet and im only 185. Dont be afraid to eat more protein: 3 eggs instead of 1, casein shake at night. Also, are you not eating a meal after the gym? This is very detrimental and leads to higher release of cortisol, which in turn will actually store fat. You are very anabolic for about 4-5 hours after your workout so after those shakes/shower you need to eat a decent sized meal. Throw another chicken breast in there with some Non-Starch vegetables (uncooked carrots,tomato,broccoli). Make sure you eat after the gym man, you are hurting yourself a little actually just going to sleep with some shakes.

  5. Every one pretty much summed everything up. The only thing I was suggest is putting one of your carb portions like the oatmeal post-workout.

  6. thanks for the advance
    @antong420 thanks ill eat something with my shake after gym the reason i thought a shake was enough is cause i go to bed about half an hour to an hour after the gym

  7. Yea I mean technically you should wait about an hour after eating to go to bed, but that after workout meal makes all the difference. Just protein and carbs, no fats in that meal. You can easily throw down a breast with some veggiest after shower then wait like half hour and pass out

  8. thank you for the great info

  9. thanq so much for chart .. i really like it .. its really an great chart for diet ..


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