Any alternative to eggs or nuts?

  1. Any alternative to eggs or nuts?

    So i kinda have a problem which is hindering my meal plan progression...I absolutely HATE eggs and nuts (peanut butter, almonds, etc) so my question is:

    Is there any alternative to eating eggs or nut products? Any other food? or pill?

    Ill just leave it short and simple

    Thanks and Cheers

  2. EVOO, or Fish Oil Pills for EFA's

    and canned Tuna for eggs i guess cause they have protein... not sure what else could replace eggs tho.

  3. Put eggs into your protein shakes and you can't even tell they are there. You can mix an egg with some lean ground turkey and seasoning, form a patty and cook. Egg can be added to many other dishes in disguise.
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  4. zephyr,

    Are you interested in bulking?

  5. Chocolate! Get 90% dark chocolate, just picked up a few 100g bars from Lindt for $2.50 each. 2g of net carbs (2g Fiber) per 30g chocolate, with like 14g healthy fats. Coconut Oil is also a great choice for health fats.

  6. I'd have to disagree with Stevoph, in that although dark chocolate with a high cocoa content is a fantastic antioxidant (according to current research), for a bulking program, chocolate should not take a prominent role in calories at all. If you are interested in gaining quality weight through nutrition I would recommend you find a quality meal replacement to go along with your food intake. I currently use 4 shakes and 3 smaller meals. I use Ergopharm's Mass Meal(discontinued as of now, but I still have about 20 containers - I purchased 40 from various sources when I learned they had been discontinued), but there are other alternatives such as Cyto's Cytogainer, Muscle Milk Collegiate, Muscle Milk and Axis's Muscle Delight (Although I don't know how much longer this product can compete with Cytosport's prices) With 4 shakes a day + Fat Free Milk and obviously lactose pills + 3 smaller meals a day, you should be able to hit 3,600 calories + (like you want to ) easily. I would also pick up (At Henry's market) their Liquid Flax Oil. I take 2 tablespoons in the morning when I am bulking and 1 tablespoon at all other times. For your meals I would stick with the staples, (Lean Beef, Turkey, Chicken) along with carbo's like Sweet potatoes, oatmeal, baked beans. If you get bored of this. here are a few out to eat options: 1.) Rubio's - Healthmex chicken or Mahi Mahi Burrito or 2 Healthmex chicken or mahi mahi tacos. 2.) El Pollo Loco's - Original Pollo Bowl - make sure to specify the original pollo bowl!, 3.) Subway - Toasted Roasted Chicken Breast with any cheese on Wheat with plenty of veggies, 4.) Carl's Jr. - Charlbroiled BBQ chicken Breast Sandwich. I have some good homemade recipe's also if you are interested - shoot me a pm if you are and I will get back to you - Have Fun Bulking, it is a hell of alot easier than cutting!

  7. When did he say he was bulking? That's my cutting fats/treat lol. I'm not a fan of MRPs though; although those empty sugars =

    Grind up some oats, coconut oil and protein and he's got a healthy shake.

  8. Avocados are full of mono fat. I'm assuming you still want your good fats but hate nuts.

  9. Nothing can replace an egg though, you cant eat another life form the way you can eat eggs. they also have the highest bioavailability of protein except for whey. You should probably experiment a little before hating eggs, they are a superfoood.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    When did he say he was bulking? That's my cutting fats/treat lol. I'm not a fan of MRPs though; although those empty sugars =

    Grind up some oats, coconut oil and protein and he's got a healthy shake.

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    Help with creating meal plan


    Whats up everyone,

    I know you all probably hate when someone comes in here and asks for a complete meal plan, but I'm really in need of some help here.

    I worked out steadily for about 7 months and gained an alright amount of muscle, then i got injured and have been working out off an on for about 4 months..steadily loosing my muscle. I really want to get big again, and i realized that my whole time lifting weights i never ate anything healthy or good for gaining weight.

    After reading some articles i feel like a complete dumbass for never eating good, but now i want to fix that. The only problem is that creating a meal plan is seriously ****in impossible for me...i have no idea how to make it...

    All i know is that i weigh 150 pounds and should take in about 3,600 calories a day.

    So if anyone would mind putting down general foods to eat for any meals of the day, it would be greatly appreciated. I'll just throw all suggestions down on a piece of paper and make a plan.

    Also, i'm looking for a mass gain diet. And a problem i have is i dont like eggs, nuts, or peanut butter. But those are the only restrictions.

    Thanks alot - Zephyr

    I think he wants to bulk!

  11. Eggs are also high on a lot of good cholesterol (precursor to testosterone) and a good amount of arachidonic acid. I have some better advise for you, go to a hypnotist and have him hypnotize you into liking eggs!!!

    Try making scrambled eggs and put salt and pepper on them see if you like the taste then if not then just eat a crap load of beef and fish. A good steak would be the closest thing to eggs. But eggs are amazing you really should force yourself to like them.

  12. try hardboiling, if you eat them with ketchup it will completely take away the egg taste. I have to put ketchup on when I run out of eggs and do just whites.. Without eggs,nuts, PB its going to be a little difficult to gain much weight because you are going to end up stuffing the same foods over and over again. At least eggs and nuts give you a little variety through out the day. Nuts especially help with gaining weight, they are so calorie rich.

  13. thanks for all the reply's everyone, i really appreciate it!

    Ye, i am tryin to bulk :b, and today i actually forced myself to eat an egg burrito...and it wasnt that bad, but i'm still gonna have to force myself to like it haha. Guess i just gotta try some different ways to hide the eggs :b

    also im gonna go to the store tomorrow and get some good oil pills, and some avocados (im a gauc fiend haha), and anything else i can find to help me bulk (lean meats, oats, etc)

    hopefully i can get a routine, thats really the hardest part. Finding some good food, then puttin it to use.

  14. buy egg protein powder.


    if you are just trying to get good calories in, drink milk

    Nutritional Information for various milk types for 16 cups or 1 US gallon:

    Skim Milk - 1280 calories; 0g fat; 192g carbs; 128g protein
    1% Milk - 1600 calories; 40g fat; 192g carbs; 128g protein
    2% Milk - 1920 calories; 80g fat; 192g carbs; 128g protein
    Whole Milk - 2400 calories; 128g fat; 192g carbs; 128g protein

    taken from


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