How long before to wait before changing diet???

  1. How long before to wait before changing diet???

    how long would you stay on a meal plan to fully see the effects of it before you decide to modify it? one full week? two weeks?

  2. That would depend on what goal you have. Also, how do you define"see the full effects"? i don't think you would ever get to your goal if every week or two you keep changing your diet strategy. Sure, cycling low and high cal days throughout the week, but are you talking changing your diet protocol completely?

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    If it's weight loss/gain I'd wait at least 1 week, possibly two, depending on the individual, their starting body composition and training status.

    I'd only modify the diet after that based upon taste, variety of foods, convenience, cost and gastric issues.

    Basically if the diet is working, don't modify it!

  4. When I am prepping for a show or prepping someone else I modify it every two weeks. If it is a basis gaining or weight loss plan I change every 3-4 weeks. Remember, the body will eventually adapt to almost anything.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by youngandfree View Post
    are you talking changing your diet protocol completely?

    No just adding or reducing cals the overall scheme would stay the same.

  6. the short version to the story is that i did a competition on june 6th, i binged ate for 24 hrs and hopped back on a clean diet that following monday. (june 8th) Then i started my offical offseason diet the monday after that (june 15th) i figured that was enough time to restore water weight losses, and restore glycogen stores.. so after one week i gained 4lbs but my waist, hip and bodyfat measurements didnt change.. but still 4 lbs is alot too gain in a week...

    what i ended up doin was decreasing the overall cals, but was able to keep all my macro's the same.. i started this new verision yesterday and am going to run it a week or two and see how it goes.

    thanks for the imput fellass


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