1. ICED TEA or IS IT?

    This might be a painfully obvious question but one that sparked many of my coworkers into heated debate and we all took sides. To cut down on drinking so much diet pop we decided to buy an iced tea maker at the office. I normally drink a good 2-3 gallons of water a day (intense training involved.) So I asked, do I still aside from drinking the tea still need to drink water? The tea is brewed from Lipton plain tea bags. No calories, no sugar, no sweetner. Just plain brewed tea and water. The tea does have caffiene, which is fine by me. But now I work in office divided, half say I'm drinking tea and still need to drink water but am I? Aren't I just drinking water w/tea leaves? Isn't it the same as drinking water?

  2. drinking tea counts towards your daily intake of water
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  3. Tea like any caffeine product will also act as a diuretic, depleting you of some water. You really drink up to 3 gallons of water everyday? Thats insane considering you are only 150lbs.. But I would definitely keep drinking the water as you always do, regardless of tea intake.

  4. By insane I meant difficult, you must be carrying the gallon around everywhere haha

  5. It sounds crazy huh. I have one kidney though, so w/the hormones and all the supps I take, I try to overwater myself to keep it safe. My coworkers think I'm crazy but they're also fat. I'm also in South Texas, 100+ degrees daily. I crave it here. I just switched gyms too, I was at one that was similar to Ronnie Coleman's w/out A/C and that was KILLER.



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