Need assist calc macros for homemade protein bar

  1. Need assist calc macros for homemade protein bar


    I just started making protein bars at home. They're simple and easy, but I am not sure what the macros are. I don't usually use the "scoop" when measuring the whey, and I am not sure about the grams/cup ratio . . . bascially, I am clueless.

    And maybe you have a similar/better, recipe. I am up for that too! I just love these because I feel like I am cheating eating choc/pb. MMM~

    This usually makes about 12 bars - 3 x 2 I'd say - maybe smaller.

    MM is VERY sweet (for me anyway), too sweet to drink, so I added it in. I figured I have it, might as well use it.

    1cup ON choc whey - 1scoop/32g 180cals PCF = 24/4/1.5
    1/4c Muscle Milk Lite - 2scoop/70g 195cals PCF = 25/11/6
    1c natty pb - 2Tbsn 180cals PCF = 7/8/15
    1c oats
    10tbsn honey
    water as needed for consistency


  2. how'd these taste?

  3. Taste great!

    They are very peanut buttery, but you can taste the chocolate too. It's a nice indulgence for me . . . my own little "dessert."

    I added a bit too much water the last time, so I have to keep them in the fridge. But, the batch before turned out great. I squirted just a touch of honey on the top and spread it out, like a glaze. I kept those in a baggie in my desk all day and they were fine.

    This last batch I made w/honeypb ( It actually had less cals/fat than the classic version. I think that may have added a bit more sweetness too.

    Any idea how these might break down? I've been accounting for the pb/oats/honey in fit day, or at least trying to. I am just not sure about the whey.

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