Questions about NO

  1. Questions about NO

    im on a bulk right now. i put majority of my focus into my diet and now its been about a month on my bulk and i was thinking about adding a supplement to add muscle and help me gain more benefits from the supplements im using. currently im using a multi vitamin a weight gainer and cell tech. i was think of adding some sort of NO to my workout. however i havnt found too much research on this supplement and how it effects your results. would this be good for a bulk? does it stack well with what i am taking? would i benefit from this supplement? is there anywhere i can go to get more information on NO?

  2. Ditch the weight gainer and cell tech. Get some bulk Creatine Mono and a GOOD quality whey protein....then EAT EAT EAT.

    NO won't help you gain mass.
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  3. cell tech wasnt option 1 but it was on sale and happened to be the cheapest creatine in the store. why would i want to ditch the gainer? as an ectomorph im forcind down about 4200 cals a day and with the help of the gainer its not a easy task.

  4. He's saying that the quality of food will be better than the gainer but if you have trouble eating that amount of food you may want to keep the gainer. Sometimes its hard for me to eat a meal (300-500 cals) 5-6x times per day so I like to make my own shakes. Its easier for me to drink a shake then eat another meal on occasion.

  5. yeah i agree. i have a very small apetite and i had to train my body to eat 8 meals a day and it took a while considering i was only eating maybe 2 meals a day for yrs ( this was before i got into bodybuilding and fitness).



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