Looking for diet tweak/alternatives

  1. Looking for diet tweak/alternatives

    I'm always looking for ways to switch up my diet and make any tweaks that may prove healthier or more effective for my goals. I'm pretty happy with this diet overrall, but another opinion is always welcome. I also work a desk job and don't really have access to a fridge/microwave while working so that is potentially limiting.

    Currently sitting at 180 at around 8-9% bf. I do my grocery shopping almost exclusively at CostCo. It isn't out of the question to go to a grocery store for other items, but naturally I prefer only making 1 trip.

    Daily diet is as follows:

    Meal #1 (approximately 7 AM): 3 poached eggs and 1/2 cup oats w/ one scoop ATW isolate

    Meal #2 (10:00) turkey sandwich on lite whole wheat bread w/ yellow mustard

    (lite whole wheat bread is 70 calories for 2 slices, 5g from fiber, 5g protein), I place 4 slices of turkey on the sandwich, which is another 120 calories, 20g protein. So 200 cals, 25g protein on the sandwich.

    Meal #3 (12:00) Same as #2

    Meal #4 (2:00) ON Protein Diet bar (This is probably what could use changing the most, it is very convenient to keep in the office though. As far as nutritional info goes I think it is one of the better bars out there (unless somebody is aware of others) 180 calories, 2.5g fat, 19g carbs (18 from sugar alcohol) and 20g protein.

    Meal #5 (PWO, around 5:15) Scoop of protein, 2 tbsp natty PB

    Meal #6 (between 6:30-7:00) 2 chicken breasts + fresh veggies, (whatever is in season/I can find. Typically asparagus, broccoli, legumes, spinach, snap peas)

    That is it really. Comes out to around 1800 calories a day depending on how generous I am with my veggie servings) Depending on the season I may also have some fresh fruit mixed in there, but they tend to not last past tuesday if I shop on a sunday. Fits into what I need to do for my current cut/recomp, but as stated...always looking for any suggestions on ways to improve so feel free to chime in with criticism, be it positive or negative

  2. nuts!

    easy cals and good amount of fibre and good fats!
    “We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.”

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