Negative Experiences with Anabolic Diet?

  1. Negative Experiences with Anabolic Diet?

    Hi all,

    I am 23 and looking to start the anabolic diet. I am wondering if anyone has had any negative experiences with the diet? I went on a 40-40-20 diet for almost 8 months and got ripped but it wreaked havoc on my hormones and left me with very low testosterone.. hovers now around the am. This diet, coupled with inadequate recovery and severe overtraining did me in for that one.. my questions is really.. is the anabolic diet safe for guys with low T? When I did the 40-40-20 diet, I ate only fibrous carbs.. and I think this is what led to the F*@#$#@$ UP hormones. I am not considering replacement at this time.


  2. Well, your body synthesizes hormones from cholesterol and saturated just don't completely cut those out.

  3. Have you ever check your T-levels? I mean before the diet? Маy be they were not high also?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Timan View Post
    Have you ever check your T-levels? I mean before the diet? Маy be they were not high also?
    My T levels were in the 800s naturally 3 months before I started the diet. I did 7 days a week HIIT and lifted for an hour to an hour and a half afterwards on 2300 calories a day. My T went down to 59 ng/dl. I was a moron but did not know any better.. I was just really determined. I was around 8.5-9 percent body fat and 150 pounds (5'11''). Since November 2008, T has been increasing. the Anti-A forum thinks I've hit a sticking point at 300. I am looking to use this diet to ramp up hormone production.

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