Quaker oatmeal pankcake mix

  1. Quaker oatmeal pankcake mix

    Went shopping yesterday and came across this. Supposedly it's new. It's made with whole grain oats and has no trans fat. Just cooked some up this morning and, personally, taste better than regular pancakes (which i hate).

    Each serving has 31 grams of carbs, 4 of which are from fiber, 1 from soluble fiber, and 4 from sugars. It has 5 grams of protein but more when you add the ingredients: milk, an egg, and a tablespoon of oil.

    Anyone else try this? If not, definitely a good foodstuffs to try.

  2. Sounds tasty, but Quaker stuff is expensive. A lot more so than 50lb bags of oats I use for carbs .

  3. looks decent... but probably $$$$.

    i try to buy as much as i can in bulk... if you have a whole foods, central market, wild oats, or other health type grocery store w/ a bulk section you can almost certainly find some multigrain pancake mix for like $1.50 a lb...

    but if you don't mind the expense that stuff looks ok... just throw some protein powder in w/ it and you're all set. yummm

  4. TL- your avatar is hysterical!

  5. lol thx! it still cracks me up whenever i look at it. ha

  6. It wasn't too expensive since I got it at the commissary on base. $2.35 and you get about 40 4" pancakes from it.


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