Lets talk carbs

  1. Lets talk carbs

    Ok, so im kind of a newb. I recently started taking some Vitargo S2 post workout (Carbs).

    Is post workout the only time you should SUPPLEMENT carbohydrates? Or is there another time during the day supplementing carbs (using vitargo) could be useful..

    thanks guys.

  2. Post workout is really the only ideal time to supplement high glycemic carbs.

    I wouldn't worry about using it any other time of the day.

  3. It's too late in the day to talk about carbs.

    I agree with PublicEnemy, there really is no other time were it would be beneficial to supplement carbs. Unless someone is trying to gain some additional weight they could maybe supplement carbs at breakfast as well to hit the ground running.
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  4. high glycemic carbs also work wonders intra-workout. i eat a large meal of complex carbs about 1.5 hrs before workout then start tanking up on monosaccharides as i start to warm up for workout. allows me to absolutely kill it in the gym... after doing this for half a year or so i now find myself not lifting as much when i am forced to go w/out my intra carbs for some reason or another. this also allows you to not have to get such a dramatic insulin spike post w/o because your muscles have been being replenished already the entire time.... i can't see why anybody doesn't do this

  5. thanks guys.

  6. thanks guys ...... great post i just love it ...

  7. Yea I second the during workout supplementation, dextrose for me. Also when you first wake up the body is starving and you can really get a nice pump if you take some whey/dex down 30 min before breakfast.
  8. Future
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    Depending on the time of day the first meal and right after training you can have your high glycemic carbs. In the offseason have Pop Tarts if you want. Just make sure that you have the correct amount for your sugars for your goals and bodyweight.

    I am a bit heavier so I will have oatmeal, Pop Tarts and Perfect Carb by LG Sciences after training.
  9. UKStrength
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    I'd definitely save your CHO supplementation for around training, it's best to keep insulin at bay during the rest of the day for the sake of your body composition.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by UKStrength View Post
    I'd definitely save your CHO supplementation for around training, it's best to keep insulin at bay during the rest of the day for the sake of your body composition.
    Insulin is a primary anabolic regulator. It will regulate both muscle and fat building - though at different rates depending on levels.

    Sorry to break the news to everyone but carbs are not the only macro that stimulate insulin production. Both protein and fat will also trigger insulin responses so trying to micro manage your insulin levels in order to control body comp is largely futile. IMO one is better off controlling calorie portions instead of macro ratios. Yes eat more carbs around workouts but also eat more calories.


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