Green's Formulas instead of Veggies? Yey or Ney?

  1. Green's Formulas instead of Veggies? Yey or Ney?

    While getting my daily FDA approved food pyramid worth of vegetables [over 4000 calories] might be ideal, convenience, time, etc. disallows this.

    Certainly some of you guys are in this quagmire as well.

    How many of you supplement with a Green's Formula or some sort of phytochemical supplement?

    I'm generally against supplementing without a clear deficiency these days since I've blown so much $ through the years on supplements, but I really don't know anyone that get quite enough fruits and vegetables.

    I've tried greens-to-good (available at Costco). And More recently, 'Very Green' powder/pills from Trader Joes.

    How good are green supplements in general? Any thoughts, experiences?


  2. I can't help much on the supplement side. But what kind of eating/time schedule do you have? I don't know how much I would depend on the FDA's recommendations, especially since you train differently than 90% of sedentary people in america. If you are able to eat several meals that you pack throughout the day, just make sure you have some green in them. I eat chicken/meat with a cup of broccoli 3 meals during work. For convieince, I get frozen plain broc in a steamer bag. Nuke it for 5:30, divide it into my 3 bowls and add meat. In the cooler she goes.

  3. Ive never been a fan of full replacement green supplements, I like to add them to an already existing diet. I like Kyo-Green, it has kelp and a few types of grass. You gotta get your greens in with food though. I'll usually do a green drink after breakfast, lunch is spinach salad w/ other things, and a bunch of raw brocolli with dinner. 3 servings of greens plus other veggies and multi vitamin should be good enough. Look at all the people that don't even eat a single vegetable, ever. Sometimes I think I eat healthy just to spite them, while they snarl and roll their eyes at my "health freak stuff". lol

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