what you guys think of this pre contest diet for a 200lb.

1- 8egg whites 2 whole eggs 1 cup oats 20 ounces green tea

2- 8 ounces of talipa or orange roughy with cup of raw aspargus 3\4 cup brown rice.

3- 8 ounces turkey, cup of salad, table spoon of macnut oil, 5 ounces sweet potato.

pre work out drink some no product with bcaa

4- post work out 40 grams waxy maize, 50 grams whey, 10 grams glutamine, 10 grams creatine

5- 7 ounces of fish, cup of aspargus

6- 7 ounces of fish

ill be starting with a hour of cardio 6 days a week high intensity