I've read time and time again that water retention, especially in the muscle, is very anabolic. I've noticed that when I'm retaining more water, I am definitely stronger....

now in the offseason, do you recommend to just take as much sodium as possible? given that we don't mind the bloating, and we don't have any heart issues, shouldn't we have as much sodium as possible? I also make sure I get at least 3/4 gallon to 1.5 gallons of water a day.

I cook all my own foods and they are all very salty. I add salt to my post workout shake, and I try to use seasoning salt a few times a day. I'd guess that I'm having probably around 3-5 grams of sodium a day!

I figure if my sodium intake is high now, when I drop it later pre-contest the effect is going to be very pronounced, and who knows, I'll be even more ripped?