Good Snack Food

  1. Good Snack Food

    Does anyone have any ideas on GOOD snack food where the Sat/Tran fats are low....but you get some protein out of it???

  2. Beef jerky. Try to get as low sodium as possible.

    Smoked Fish

    Almonds... it a good fat just watch how much you eat and when.

    Fruit - I like Grapes

  3. I loooove Tuna!

    Also I always have a bag of the dollar Kroger brand pretzels. Just dont eat em on a cut, good for bulking though. Grab about 5 at a time and munch on em slowly drinking water.

    Also go to your "organic section" at the store. They have some great chips that taste amazing and are better than all the junk food. yet natural and healthy. All natural baked potato chips with a kiss of salt....ooohhh

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Zero V View Post
    I loooove Tuna!
    I love tuna as long as it isn't plain. I ate that so much the past two months, bleh. Mix a little mustard or Mayo and diced pickles. mmmm

    Or the flavored tuna, gotta be careful though lots of hidden stuff in the marinade

  5. Home made granola bars work pretty well too... Sprinkle in some almonds and then throw some protein powder in there, maybe some dried fruit.

  6. thanks, those are some good ideas

  7. Beef Jerkey is always a +
  8. re:

    Quote Originally Posted by Hushroom View Post
    Beef Jerkey is always a +
    yaa rite Beef Jerkey is always a +..

  9. fruit, beff jerkey, mixed nuts, you can find some pretty healthy protin bars too

    these are called elev8 me bars there made of whey protein, and fruit, there real healthy but arn't the best tasting. I don't really care though.

  10. Walnuts - 4:1 Omega 6:3 ratio and sardines
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero V View Post
    I loooove Tuna!
    Always a good standby Although I loathe the fishy smell...

    Quote Originally Posted by Hushroom View Post
    Beef Jerkey is always a +
    They've only just started selling this over here, although I've been making it for years. Great stuff for snacking on.

    Others I like:

    Fruits (especially portable ones...apples, pears, bananas)
    Any sort of nut/seed, but especially: walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds.
    Pre-cooked chicken breast
    Celery/Carrot/Cucumber sticks.

  12. Well french fries are some good snacks and i don't know you have it there or not mommos... they are also good snack and low fat ...

  13. turkey jerky!

  14. I like the 98 cent Salmon packs. It's not as fishy as tuna. I also mixed it with sofrito.

  15. Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Walnuts, Almonds

    I just tried pumpkin seeds for the first time a few weeks ago. Those things take like potato chips, and they're awesome for your prostate. The omega 6:3 is a little out of kilter (~14:1,) but very few foods have a good omega 3 content.

    The good news is that they're high in fiber and in healthy fats (omega 6s, but still healthy.) So they'll help to keep you full even with smaller servings. And oh yeah, Pumpkin seeds have about 11g protein per 1/4 cup, sunflower seeds have 9g of protein, and I think Almonds and Walnuts are each a little lower (7g, 5g) respectively.
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  16. Also ostrim sticks. very good, portable. vpx zero impact bars work well too. Eat half at a time if you are want less cals.

  17. i like turkey jerky and macadamia nuts


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