Celiac Disease ??

  1. Celiac Disease ??

    Hey everyone. I think I may have narrowed down my health problems over the years to celiac disease, but i have yet to get blood work done, will do this next month. About 5 years ago i had an abrubt change in the way i felt, such as extreme fatigue which i'm still dealing with, foggy head with fluid in my ears, general weakness, dark circles under my eyes over night. I just found out my blood iron level and saturation was low recently so i started on iron supps which is helping some. My concern is why it is low, an obvious absorbtion problem since i havent had any injuries where i lost blood or anything. I found out today that my mom has celiac disease, which is hereditary so my chances are high of getting it. I'm a little perplexed as to why i dont have the bad gastro problems or reactions like most celiacs seem to have. Any ideas on whats going on ?? Thanks guys.
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  2. bad problems seem to occur during active disease, and it MAY not be celiac, it could be crohns or ulcerative colitis, or it could be none of the above,

    what are your symptoms other then what you stated? whats your stool like? have you ruled out thyroid problems?

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