Pizza The Truth?

  1. Pizza The Truth?

    it's probably been covered one to many times.. but i'm on the anabolic diet and i've done it 2 weeks now.. but the 2 weeks even on weekend was to eat high fat and high protein no carbs.. the reason for 2 weeks to get the body adjusted for fueling fat not carbs, but now the 2nd week is here and it is saturday.. Carbs is here i come but i already settled for my pancakes and banana and apple sauce for snacks for now.. but

    my question is for homeade pizza or a nice fresh mozzerella thick sliced bout 6 or 7 pieces layed across the top with fresh tomatoes and then crust would this be a problem for the anabolic diet? i know carbs might be fine but the cheese or the fat content or should i just leave pizza out of the equation and just eat my wheat pasta with fresh marinara sauce?

    i had my one long time fav pancakes but do i reach the pizza line? any help would gratefully appreciated.

  2. hhhmmm, carb ups are hard to configure sometimes especially when on keto or the anabolic diet. The point of refeeds, as I've come to understand, is to refuel the body with the majority of cals coming from carbs, while keeping the fat very low; this provides efficient uptake of glucose.

    So can you eat pizza on your carb up? Sure, but make sure that it fits into your refeed numbers. The best suggestion I'd give is to make your own pizza dough, or buy an already prepared dough pie. From there you can make your own sauce or buy some from the store, but it's always best to keep the ingredients fresh. Pasta and other tomatoe sauces can contain a lot of sugar and fat oils, I'd recommend fresh tomatoes, parsley, oregano, some olive oil, and other herbs of your choosing; this assures the best content of the sauce. As for the toppings, you can use fat-free cheese and lean meats. I'd stay away from the pork and beef toppings because it cancels out the whole point of the refeed.

    If pizza is too difficult or time consuming for you to prepare, then by all means stick with the wheat pasta with fresh sauce and chicken. Pasta's always a good time. I have never made my own pizza dough before but I would love to get a recipe for a very complex yet tasteful dough. Pizza, along with buffalo wings and steak, is probably favorite all time food. If I could eat pizza everyday for the rest of my life and not get fat, damn life would be grand.

  3. Pizza is fine on the A.D. If you read it, he wants your fat % to stay around 20-30% on carb days.

  4. I appreciate the help.. yea i just dont want my first carb over loading to mess up. hopefully what i do saturday wasn't to bad.. were all i ate was go lean kashi ceral bout 2 cups , applesauce, and wheat pasta and buck wheat pancakes.. hopefully that was good for saturday and then today for the fat content since i havnt had any fat, basically the same as saturday without buck wheat pancakes.. but im a eat some beef brisket i cooked off to get some in.. does this sample weekend sound good for anabolic diet? or i need to tweak it better for next weekend?

  5. i make my own pizza on carb days. go for it.



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