Post WO Shake

  1. Post WO Shake

    I recently got into a discussion with a friend regarding Post WO shakes after a cardio day with no weight training. I think if your doing High intensity they would be beneficial. I did some research but never really found anything conclusive just opinions generally without any scientific reasons. Whats your take on this? (Assuming your not trying to get shredded just overall health)

  2. considering that once you stop working out/doing cardio your body will continue to burn fat for quite some time longer i would consider holding off on a post cardio shake. my cardio only days usually constitute around 45 mins of cardio. i usually sip on bcass during cardio and continue to sip on them for about 20 mins afterwards to allow for fat burning to continue during this "extended period" of time. after about 20 minutes i will have a shake of whey protein only.

    considering the fact that you are simply doing cardio for "overall health" then it is completely up to you whether you feel the need to have a shake immediately following cardio. if you are not concerned with fat loss then perhaps you should have a shake immediately following cardio to prevent any muscle catabolism from occuring.

  3. this should answer ur questions about cardio

  4. If i was strictly doing cardio, i would make sure to be intaking my BCAA's. That way your not getting the huge carb spike in your PWO but your keeping your muscle mass and not burning off any during cardio.....maybe just sip some Xtend or something during and after cardio?
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  5. Thanks a lot guys for the responses... definitely helped shape my perception.



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