does anybody know how much

  1. does anybody know how much

    would one scoop of blended oats have calories/carbs?

    the one that comes with on whey protein. Not sure what size scoop is this thanks.

  2. Weigh it, then do the math from nutrient facts.

  3. 1/2 cup is one serving. Thats 150cals and somewhere around 30g carbs. I measured it out once with a weight gainer scooper that was bigger than a protein scoop. It was one heaping scoop of that so if i had to guess, one cup of blended oats is about 1-3/4 normal size scoops.

  4. The oats will have the amount of grams a serving weighs. take a scoop of oats, and weigh it. Don't forget to account for the weight of the empty scoop. Then compare the weight of what you have to the label.

  5. thank you for all the reply one problem i dont have food weight i gues i will have to pick one up. Thanks

  6. I always guess at 1/4c.
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