dipping tobacco and lifting

  1. dipping tobacco and lifting

    i didn't post this to get responses like, ew why do you do that or what the f*cks wrong with u, i posted this to see if this would affect me negatively like if i were to smoke or something, i know it still releases toxins into the blood as do cigarettes so i'm just curious. i only dip once a day and its after i lift or wen i get home from school, any help is appreciated.

  2. Nicotine affects your appetite and speeds up your metabolism, from what i experienced. I 'm 7 weeks without cause i'm quitting. But for three years i saw no difference sides how often i eat, and how fast my metabolism is. Which hasn't change really cause of home much i lift.

    All's good bro. Whats ur brand?

  3. i dip grizz kayak and skoal. i dip skoal more often though, not many places around me have anything besides skoal. how bout u?

  4. and i think i know what ur sayin i tend to eat less when i dip, i love throwin one before bed, makes me sleep like a little baby which i find weird but w.e haha

  5. I used to Dip Skoal Peach, cause it was good flavor. But i was a Skoal Man

  6. i got so sick of peach so fast lol i'll never buy another tin

  7. I'm that way with Apple and citrus. Everytime i took a dip i almost puked. Peach is just what i liked i suppose lol

  8. hahah yeah. i found mint bad the first time i dipped it and thats wat i get regularly now or edge they are both pretty good

  9. i used to dip kodiak or skoal everyday before i went to the gym.. threw one in went to the gym warm up then take it out before lifting... good stimulant effect

  10. yeah i need a new tin i only have 1 pouch of mint left, it sucks cause i have to wait to get more cause i'm not 18 but whatever tomorrows friday. i wanted to try dippin before i workedout to see how it would do but i need it before bed if i want to get to sleep at a reasonable hour. ahha i use it as a sleep aid, i think i'm the only person in the world it puts to sleep

  11. Not being negative, just asking if there are any ideas on how to quit, other than cold turkey? Seems like some of you have some experience, so you might have heard some ideas: Patch, gum, anything that has worked?
    PHF Rep

  12. i dont see how you could dip while warming up before a workout..lol, for me it relaxes me and makes me just want to chill out.. im a skoal man myself.. i need to quit that sh*t though.. its addicting as hell..

  13. not for me. lol id try weaning off with snus. ive been dion it a while and no signs of addiction for me haha

  14. hahaha well done

  15. lol i know right? i guess its just cause i only do it once or twice a day.i could see why people would do it a it a lot though, im in love with it cause i still get buzzes from it

  16. i quit 4.5 years ago with the gum. I did it numerous times daily for about 10 year, i was able to dip in class in hs and in the locker rooms after football practice. No one really gave a crap. The gum helped because of the oral part. I also chewed sunflower seeds. I will say the dip made nightime cravings go away. Sorry, this was for the guy who asked about quitting.

  17. i bought a tin of citrus last night... i have a new regular haha i dont know how you dont like citrus man its like lemonade i reccomend it to anyone


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