Frozen chicken

  1. Frozen chicken

    Saw some frozen chicken breasts the other day half i bought a few packets.

    I normally eat fresh chicken breasts but this stuff was a bit cheaper. Is it still good since its frozen? it says it has added salt and water but doesn't seem to be any crap in it.
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  2. They inject water to make it heavier; sometimes it's seasoned. I find the frozen chicken to be of inferior quality, and even though I'm a budget minded student I stopped buying the frozen chicken a year ago. Frozen is $2/lb for me, and fresh is $3/lb. Figure the water, salt, plus improved texture is worth it to me.

  3. I use frozen cause its cheaper, and im on a strict budget. I notice it doesn't taste as good but if you season it up it will taste fine.

  4. frozens still good but dosnt taste as good as non frozen chicken breast

  5. It usually is loaded down with alot of sodium, I like the fresh stuff myself.
    Budget wise, whenever the fresh is on sale I buy tons of it.



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