Analytical Pyramid

  1. Analytical Pyramid

    Analytical Pyramid

    This process has been running through my mind the past for days. This is a often used way to solve a problem.
    You learn to become a great problem solver when you learn programming and coding assignments. First off you address the problem, then you address ALL causes of the problem, then you build a series of solutions to lead to your success. This is nothing new, this is how many people achieve success. However, I feel addressing you needs face to face will help in aiding a person in their road to success, this a thing often over looked as a helpful part of the process of learning and succeeding.

    4 Steps To Success

    • 1.Anaylze Your Problems
      2. Causes of the problems
      3. Solutions to the problems
      4. Smaller to Bigger

    Now this is not a post to lead the general masses, this is a personal post where I will address a problem with anything dealing with my goals of power lifting, physique, and etc. Anything related to the world of fitness and training I may feel like I have a problem I need to address. I hope this post can be lead example to help you with anything related to the world of fitness or lifting or anything personal for the matter. You do not have to write this down and post this on a forum, you can write on a paper and keep it in a safe place.

    Step 1 - Analyzing Your Problem

    • Now this is the part where you sit down or do anything to relax your mind. Take the time to analyze your surrounds or anything that maybe on your mind you want to improve. Right now I feel like a main problem that I can relate to in the world of fitness and lifting is my physique. I am deemed as being a very big fellow natural tall and very well built with muscle however I feel like my body fat percentage maybe be a tad to high to my liking. I also feel like this tiny bit of a gut I developed from my freshman 15 8) is quite an annoyance to me. So here is my problem: My body fay percentage is a little to high for my liking it is not massively high causing me to look like some fat lard ass but it doesn't look pleasing to me at least. Now the size of this problem is relatively small and in turn can have a big effect on one's mental health. I feel my tiny gut is ugly causing me to think negatively of myself. Now it is time for a change, lets address the causes of this problem.

    Step 2 - Causes of the Problems

    • Ok now lets keep in mind we have addressed our problem. In my case I have a problem with my body fat percentage. Now lets think deeper what are the causes of anything made to the physique. Well diet is what helps shape our physique. So there lies my first problem, diet. We now have our main problem however just saying "My diet is bad" is too vague. We need to break this down to as why our diet is bad. Here are reasons why my diet is bad. I tend to eat good as a typical southerner would if anyone from the south knows what I am talking about when it comes to wholesome down right delicious food. Now I tend to eat alot of processed foods like cheese spreads on crackers, fried foods from fast food joints, sugars from sweet teas , candy, dessert; alot of salty items like pig cracklings, probably one of the worst things to eat by the way. Ok so it obvious that i eat too much salty, fatty, sugary, fried items. Of course, is this a shock? Not really as this is what the general American population eats everyday sadly. I do salute the small breed of people who make healthy choices sustaining their life expectancy I will soon be joining you.

    Step 3 - Solutions to your problems

    • We have now addressed the causes of our main problem which is my rising body fat. We broke down my causes to the following which was I ate too much fatty,salty,sugary,fried foods. Now lets find a list of solutions for each macro nutrient.

      • Sugars
        I tend to like to drink sweet tea and seldom munch on candy. What can be a solution to each of these? Replace sweet tea with water and refrain from eating. If need to eat something sweet try dried natural fruits instead if your gonna eat fruits drenched in corn syrup might as well eat candy,

      • Fat, Salts, Fried Foods
        As much I would like to narrow this down I tend to eat alot of things filled with fat and all sorts of nasty junk. Simplest attack for this problem is cut back on the junk and replace it with healthier yet just as tasty solutions. Fried foods which a majority comes from eating out at fast foods, simply cut back on the fast food and investment your money at the grocery store and prepare or buy more healthier quick options such as wheat sandwiches, fruits, organic nuts. Grill something instead of frying. As for processed food stay away from that crap period.

    Step 4 - Smaller to Bigger

    • Series of smaller steps leading to bigger success.

      • Now all these solutions being placed into effect can be overwhelming and overall discouraging. As they are many solutions and failure at one will cause others to fall. However, if you place one solution at a time and master and then move on I feel this will better aid you in achieving success. I can first start off by replacing sweet tea with water once I feel comfortable enough to where I can rely on non-sugar beverage I moved on the next . Replacing fast foods with home cooked meals and grilling and so on till all solutions have been mastered.

    I hope everyone enjoyed this article and this allow for other to use this process to help you with your problems. Please feel free to reply to this topic with your own analytical process to solve your problems, everyone of here would love to be of support and help you master your solutions and provide their stance on the topic of your problems and solutions

    Written by Sk8erboy

  2. Good read.

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