My Pec's Collapse? is this possible?

  1. My Pec's Collapse? is this possible?

    So my pec's are pretty toned and big they are nice looking i must say but this weeknd i noticed my right side seemes like it has collapsed in and down?? for example under my pec on the left side is defined and has a nice ridge under it going to my arm pit.. now it seems like all the sudden my right side as it gets closer to my arm pit is just molded with the rest of my body.. there is not the definition line under it anymore?? also doesnt seem to stick out as much anymore? anyone had this happen or have any suggestions to what may have happend.. is not sore or hurting at all.. just seems like it has collapsed or fallen down??

    thanks in advance..

  2. I know I always have trouble more with the left side my body then my right. I just don't seem to have quite the mind muscle connection for my left side and its slightly weaker, most noticeably in my left tricep. You could always try doing some pectoral specific isolation work to counteract it.

    My advice would be to go post in the training or exercise forums if you haven't already, the regulars over there have a bit more experience with physique/muscle imbalances then here.

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