CLNZ Xtreme colon cleanse/detox

  1. CLNZ Xtreme colon cleanse/detox

    has anyone every tried CLNZ Xtreme by American Cellular Labs?

    does anyone do a cleanse/detox regularly? what do you recommend?
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  2. I've never tried any cleansing products from companies, but that's because I'm of the opinion that they are BS. The colon ones are glorified fiber pills with kitchen-sink concoctions of minute herbal extracts.

    I was on the Warrior Diet for about half a year and had a pretty good experience with that, but didn't like it enough to keep it up continually.

    I usually do an annual raw-juice fast, which I just remembered I'm overdue for, and have had pretty good experiences with that. My last one I ran for 4-days after I finished my wrestling season and I really enjoyed it. The explosive diarrhea and hunger pangs could be annoying at times, but the month after was definitely worth it.

    My digestion was significantly improved and I had much more regular, healthy bowel movements. My joints recovered very quickly from the shock I had put them through the wrestling season and my complexion and mood improved too.

    My advice is to look into some raw food or juice fasts on google. Personally I equate detox/cleansing products with weight gainers, the idea being that they both are for something that is cheaper and better if you do yourself rather then relying on a supplement. Some people aren't fans of fasts and detoxes, but I find the spiritual and health effects to be very rewarding.

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