Fruit + Vegetable Juicing

  1. Fruit + Vegetable Juicing

    Anyone ever had fruit and vegetable juices frequently (the ones where you use a special machine that gets rid of the fiber) whilst on PH's?

    Can it help reduce sides? Or could it even interfere with gains?

  2. We bought a juicer (mainly for our kids because we can make natural juices with no preservatives etc.); anyways so I started to make lots of juices. My favorite so far is actually cucumber juice. I usually blend up 4 cucumbers, two lemons (sometimes a carrot) and throw it in the blender with crushed ice and some splenda. It’s refreshing, tastes great, and has a ton of health benefits including lowering blood pressure (I’m probably beginning to sound like Dr.Oz or Rachel Ray so I’ll stop here.)

    I can’t speak with regards to PH’s though, but I think the right blend of healthy fruits and veggies should have a positive effect keeping everything healthy on the inside.

  3. if you were drinking juiced celery it would definately help with the blood pressure sides

  4. You really can't go wrong with fruit and vegetable juices NT. They'll give you antioxidants (which you'll need for your immune w/ phs) and they'll keep you ph levels balanced. It should help you keep your gains, but not just by itself.

  5. MkUltra makes a great point. Just take that as a good example. You will be able to find many others like that which will help with any sides.



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