Cut Weight Diet Question

  1. Cut Weight Diet Question

    Got a quick question, when cutting weight should I be dropping 200-500 calories from my BMR, or should I take into account the cardio and resistance training that I am doing, and subtract 200-500 calories from that number? Thanks a lot

  2. Take into account ALL of the activity you are doing, and subtract 200-500 calories from that. Then you should be seeing fat loss results. Weight loss is another thing. If you are primarily doing weights for fat loss, you very well may gain some muscle while you are losing fat, therefore maintaining weight or even gaining some.

  3. Ok cool, thanks a lot!

  4. what are your goals and training status?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by slacker86 View Post
    what are your goals and training status?
    Currently to just drop some weight, I've been overweight for years now and recently decided to get real serious. Been training off and on for a few years now, been training hard the past 3 or so months tho, spent the first two just getting stronger and building muscle and now want to bring my weight down to where I want it to be.

    Once I get the weight down to what I want, around 170 lbs, then I will get back to building up the muscle, and then focus on dropping the bodyfat %.



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