Oatmean, citrus fruits, honey...READ

  1. Oatmean, citrus fruits, honey...READ

    Just an interesting article that my mom showed me.

    Oatmean, citrus fruits, and honey can boost your sex drive and improve fertility. Oats produce a chemical that releases testosterone into the blood supply, increasing sex drive and orgasm strength. Vitamin C found in citrus fruits improves sperm count and motility, while vitamin B from honey helps the body use estrogen, a key factor in blood flow and arousal.

  2. can you link the article for us plz?

  3. I'm a little more concerned as to why your mother thought you needed to know how to increase your sex drive... :P

    "Son, I haven't caught you masturbating in 3 days. Is something wrong dear? Let your mother have a look-see at your penis. You're not turning gay on me? You know I don't like you going on that AM board where they have all those topless guy photos flexing."

    He groans, "Yes mother, I got laid last weekend. With a girl. Twice."

    "Good boy," she says, "Now you make sure you get laid first before you're allowed to do any of your homework. Go eat your honey oatmeal with fruit."

  4. Quote Originally Posted by rosco1234 View Post
    Oatmean, citrus fruits, honey...READ
    there is a joke here -- and I spy it.

  5. no homo here. she just brought some papers home to show me that one of her co workers printed out. 25 things you probably didnt know about your body and health. Ill also try to get the link for ya guys.



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