Fluoride detox/ danger of calcium carbonate

  1. Fluoride detox/ danger of calcium carbonate

    Hi all,

    What do you guys think about fluoride detox ? please share your knowledge/experience . I thought you might find the next interesting (source: deadwater.info):

    All materials on this site, with the exception of quoted sources, have been written by Oleg Chmelev, who is solely responsible for its content.
    Is Toronto drinking water finally going to be free of rat poison?
    The city is in a real financial crisis! Many programs and services are being downsized or even eliminated completely. Additional taxes are being imposed.
    Is that going to finally put an end to this practice of adding rat poison to drinking water? After 45 (FORTY FIVE) years of poisoning the population?
    Read more about it on another page of this site

    This site deals with the subject of drinking water fluoridation. It is also a personal story of what it means to live with skeletal fluorosis.

    I hope it will also be a message to other people, who do not yet have skeletal fluorosis or do not realize they have got it already, to find out about this condition, what causes it, how to protect themselves, how to prevent deterioration of their condition, and how to combat the chronic fatigue this condition causes.

    Fluorosis is a bone disease, which is caused by exposure to fluorides.
    Bones undergo pathological transformation, whereby hydroxiapatite, the natural mineral component of the bone, is transformed into fluoroapatite.
    Fluoroapatite is denser, because of that the proponents of fluoridation claim that this gives protection against tooth decay.
    But they somehow "forget" to mention that bone, which underwent such a pathological transformation, no longer responds to hormones, which regulate calcium concentration in blood.
    This is described in detail on other pages of this site.

    People can get exposed to fluorides at work, through inhalation of dust containing fluorides, for example, fluoride pesticides, as can be the case with farm workers.

    They can also end up ingesting fluorides as a result of exposure in industrial setting - pesticide or fertilizer plants, smelters.
    Even those who are not exposed to fluorides at work, end up ingesting it if they consume fluoridated water.

    My fluorosis is the result of the latter hazard.

    My exposure to fluorides started back in Russia, when I started studies at a technical university in Moscow at the age of 18.
    Prior to that I lived in three small communities.
    Two of those communities were rural, water there was definitely not fluoridated, they did not even have a water pumping station.

    The other community was a military base and it had a water pumping station, but the water was very clean, from unpolluted river, the only treatment it was undergoing was addition of chlorine.

    That was near Norway, some hundred miles from what used to be a Norwegian town of Petsamo, which was annexed after WWII.

    I doubt fluoride was being added to water, the news would have spread immediately and people would have started taking water from the river, which was within a few hundred meters.

    People who worked at the pumping station, lived in the same community.
    If there were regular shipments of such poisonous substance as sodium fluoride or other fluoride compounds, it would be impossible to hide.

    I do not know for sure but I think the water in Moscow was fluoridated.
    I believe the communist regime in the former USSR would not hesitate to use any means to control the population.

    Fluoridation of water is a very effective way of doing that.
    There is a separate page on this site, where I share some thoughts about fluoridation as a means for the criminal regimes to stay in power.

    My most intense exposure to fluorides took place, between the ages of 23 and 26, when I lived in a town some 20 miles south of Moscow after graduating from university.

    There were several research facilities, at least one of them, possibly two, were using fluorine gas in industrial quantities.
    It is possible, that other fluoride compounds, were also being used.

    In the late seventies one facility started building a tower some 50 meter-high to discharge fluorine gas into the atmosphere
    (It was the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences, the Russian acronym "FIAN").

    This was to create an appearance that the management of that facility "cares", that they do not simply discharge that poison into the atmosphere from a short pipe.

    The people were still concerned, of course, but when you live in a dictatorship, there is no way to have your concerns affect the policies of the ruling clique.

    The people from work were saying that fluoride contamination of the water bed is very substantial and it does very serious damage to health, the most visible damage is done to bones.

    One man from our lab was showing his teeth to everybody who was willing to look there, they were all brown.

    The other people were more reserved, they were not opening their mouths "on demand", but the problem was apparently very serious.

    At that time my overriding concern was to engineer an escape from that terrible country, I simply did not have time to preoccupy myself with anything else.

    That was very unfortunate, because there is an easy way to neutralize fluoride ions, all it takes is a soluble calcium salt, which can be produced from eggshells and vinegar.

    But I have achieved my main goal, and after three years after graduation I have managed to escape and to become a free man at the age of just 26.

    Considering how well that criminal regime was guarding the borders of that biggest prison on the face of this Earth, it could well be a record of sorts!

    When I arrived to Canada, I settled in Toronto and lived there most of the time.

    Water in Toronto had been fluoridated since 1963.
    And so I was consuming it for a good fifteen years, till I found out that fluorides can be neutralized by adding soluble calcium salt to water.

    You can find a description of how it is done on another page of this site

    I heard that soon after fluoridation started, it was challenged in court, but it was defeated on a technicality.

    At one time I was buying bottled water, but then I found out that some companies do nothing more than the most rudimentary filtering of tap water.

    Obviously, I could buy a filter myself and get my water cheaper and without the troubles of having to carry those huge bottles around.

    When I was going to nursing school, I lived in the area, where the closest supermarket was a good five miles away.
    The only way for me to carry bottled water in those days was on a street car.
    There were plenty of food stores around, but those were "ethnic" and they were not selling bottled water in large containers.

    But by that time I had researched the subject sufficiently to know how to neutralize fluoride ion by adding a soluble calcium salt to it.

    I follow a very strict set of rules to reduce consumption of fluorides to an absolute minimum.
    This site has a separate page with a description of my survival tactics

    Because of that, my "uncontrolled" exposure to fluorides is rather limited at this point.

    But still, the damage to my bones, which I sustained over the years of consuming fluoridated water, is rather perceptible and it takes some effort and ingenuity to overcome.

    I describe on this site what does it mean to live with bone fluorosis, hopefully, people who also suffer from it, would be able to improve the quality of their lives using my experience in this area.

    The set of links at the bottom of each page contains only a few links, navigation page has a full set of link.
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  2. also..Something about calcium carbonate that some may be interested in is that it can deaden the colon nerve endings- which is not a good thing. This is just in the case of calcium carbonate though- not Calcium Citrate, etc.

  3. In my personal opinion, this guy is slightly nuts.

    Flourosis is going to be an excess of flouride consumption and obviously too much consumption of any type of mineral is not going to have positive effects on the body. The conversion from hydroxyapatite to fluoroapatite, at least from what i've read, is responsible for making sure that certain enamels and bone structures in the body are hard and dense, without it, that wouldn't be happening.

    And elemental flourine gas is some of the most highly reactive stuff out there, discharging it into the atmosphere could possibly be one of the most dangerous and dumbest things you could ever do, which also makes me question the validity of his claims.

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