pre bed time meal, bad for growth hormone.??..

  1. pre bed time meal, bad for growth hormone.??..

    ok guys....ive been doing a lot of research about growth hormone latley and ive found that it is a fact that insulin inhibits/reduces the release of it......that said, due to the fact that most of our gh is released during the first 2 hours of sleep wudnt that mean that a pre bed time meal might in a way be bad for our growth hormones....UNLESS...the meal would consist of foods with extremly low GI....does any1 no more about this matter ?? or do any of u have examples of meals with very very low GI.........
    plz guys dont think im trying to be clever , im just a lil confused and i wanna get things straight in my head and to be honest it quite an interesting topic...

  2. in conclusion, apparently it is better to eat sumthing 2 hours befor sleep to avoid insulin clashing with the growth hormone........unless as i was thinking u eat some rilli low gi foos, like prob some penut butter with some cottage cheese or a couple of eggs whites just befor sleeping.....what u think guys??

  3. I'm not certain about it, but i will say that i eat cottage cheese and blueberrys before bed.

  4. Ive never noticed any difference as long as I didnt eat fast carbs, these days I generally stick to some olive oil and tuna pre bed

  5. eating right before bed would always distrupt my sleep. I try not to eat two hours before bed
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  6. Casein shake is low carb and like 1g sugar maybe

  7. Carbs do affect growth hormone secretion before bed, low gi is much better, i just have a casein protein shake about 80 grams protein with water.
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  8. interesting.....casein is actually a good idea, but cuming to think of it wudnt protein also cause a lil insulin, due to deamination (i think that means the conversion of protein to carbs) about a bit of cottage cheese would that work?? and also wudnt the smaller the meal mean less insulin thus more secretion of GH??......
    Oh and i was also thinking (i actually read it sumwhere) that i cud go to sleep 2 hours befor last meal, then wake up four hours during th night and have a shake, then go back to sleep.....the huge amount of GH and testosterone in my blood stream shud force all the nutrients in my muscles??....

  9. by the way i rilli appreciate ur responses

  10. 1/2 cup almonds and fish oil down the hatch. T-minus 90 minutes til crash-down.
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