Broken Jaw - Need diet help

  1. Broken Jaw - Need diet help

    Hey guys, some of you might have seen my thread in the recipe forums...

    Before I got my jaw broke I was running a keto diet for a while getting ready for summer. Now that my jaws broke I am kind of nervous I might lose too much weight. All I wanted finally was that six pack and now I'm afraid I'm not gonna get that and I will lose a ton of weight/muscle.

    What do you guys think I should do? I don't plan on GAINING any weight but I would love to maintain where I am right now. Since I can only drink through a straw I was wondering what you think about me running a velocity type keto diet, just drinking high fat/pro shakes all day then carbup shakes on my refeed days.

    Or do you think I should just start drinking weight gainer all day every day? I am really puzzled as what was to approach this. Let me know if you guys have any ideas.


  2. LOTs of BCAAs will help you maintain your muscle. Throw em in a shaker cup and sip them down- you could even add them to your protein shakes.

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