Meal plan help!

  1. Meal plan help!

    Ok I am redoing my meal plan after reading up on some preworkout/postworkout articles. I am curious how you guys think this meal plan sounds.

    167 lbs

    4 eggs

    1cup brown rice

    1 cup brown rice

    5pm: preworkout
    30g shake
    1 cup oats

    7-7:30pm: postworkout
    2 scoop shake blended with 1 cup oats

    10pm: pre bed meal
    2 slices wheat with pb

    Totals are
    Cal: 3100 Protein: 246 Carbs: 372 Fat: 60 (little low I think)

    I am going to do a low dose Havoc cycle soon also so I'm not sure if i should add more calories for that or not. Any help willbe appreciated.

  2. Drop some of the rice and oats and replace them with fat.

  3. I'll be amazed if you can get that many calories especially from eating that clean. People forget that cleaner eating is more filling. looks good otherwise though.

  4. throw some extra virgin olive oil in those shakes instead of tha oats! works for me and i dont even taste it

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