Any here who knows Don Lemmon's book about nutrition and exercise?

  1. Question Any here who knows Don Lemmon's book about nutrition and exercise?

    I have his two books at home and recently I read a bit in them and something which I noticed is that Don totally forbids eating carbs (starchy carbs) and protein together. He basically makes a life and death issue out of this. He says not even breading on meat is allowed.
    Can anyone explain to me WHY this is supposed to be so bad for your health?
    Personally I cannot even imagine how complicated it has to be to strictly separate all carbs and protein.
    You may only eat protein together with fats and fibrous carbs. This means when you get up in the morning you couldn't even have both carbs and protein for breakfast you'd have to decide either to go with carbs or protein and fats.
    To me this seems totally restrictive and very hard to apply in real life.
    He also describes all those gut problems which you're supposed to get when you eat carbs and protein together. I don't have any of those problems.

    Basically I don't know what to think of those books and if they are even worth being read and applied. One thing which I already know is that I won't be able to apply this separation, at least not entirely. Maybe on a few meals but not all meals.

  2. I worked with Don Lemmon 1 on 1 back before his unfortunate car accident. I have nothing but fantastic things to say about Don. He was a genius. His views on diet and exercise were years ahead of his time.

    The theory behind his food separation was about DIGESTION. He believed (and so do I), that obesity is a result of poor digestion. Not only that, when you separate the food in the manner he suggests, you get maximum utilization of the nutrients.

    I have seen my bodyfat dip to 3-4% following his guidelines, while maintaining 185 lbs of muscle. Vascularity and definition in contest kind of shape, without even trying to get lean.

    I did this, despite eating fat free ice cream, fat free cookies, and other such fare. People would see me on the beach, ripping to the gills, eating an entire box of snackwells cookies, and would look at me like I was determined to ruin my physique. Meanwhile, the cookies would digest perfectly, and I would eat a protein/fat meal 2-3 hours later.

    Yes, this kind of eating IS restrictive AT FIRST. But after you realize how amazing you feel and look and how you had NO digestive issues any longer, you won't miss sandwiches and those things. I have been eating this way for 6 years now. My sandwich "bread" is usually just lettuce. I wrap roast beef and cheese in lettuce. I eat tuna out of a can with olive oil and sea salt drizzled on it. I eat beans and rice with no butter. I eat fruit. Fat free ice cream. Potatoes with fat free sour cream. You name it. I still eat the same food as everyone else. I just eat it the right way.

    I really have no restrictions whatsoever on my diet, except that I separate the foods the right way. Carbs alone, and fat/protein together.

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