Need help putting a diet together!

  1. Need help putting a diet together!

    I need to start a strict clean diet instead of eating everything and gaining so much fat.

    Right now I need to lose some extra flab on me so I wanna cut alittle. Can anyone be nice enough to help me with putting a diet together?

  2. Here is a great diet. I've used it with much progress in fat loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babywifey View Post
    Here is a great diet. I've used it with much progress in fat loss.
    That's a great diet ^^^

    The results from the 'get shredded' diet is pretty amazing if you can stand it, John Berardi is a nutrition god (pretty cool guy as well):

  4. There is always Ketosis.....But you have to be one focused BA person to withstand the transition that a diet like that brings on. There was a guy here on the boards that had been in ketosis for 2 years, consumed 0 carbs. He looked pretty shredded, and he was big.

  5. Diets are very simple, but it is a cultural tendency to go to extremes. The easiest thing to do is take what you're eating right now, and take out 10% of the calories. Keep doing this until fat-loss stall out.
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  6. the zone diet

  7. Just eat lean meats or eggs along with some vegetables at each meal and I can guarantee you will lose mostly fat and very little muscle.


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