Honey good?

  1. Honey good?

    Just curious, is honey that bad for you? I am getting a sweet tooth and wanna start adding some honey to my oats or bread in the mornings.

  2. Not the best choice for a simple carb source in the morning, but honey is still a good option.
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  3. I read somewhere honey is a great vasodilator maybe good choice right before a tough work out or right after. Im a big fan of it for a pre-workout boost of sugars

    wild natural honey seems to be the go to source
    I cant post the link but search "honey vasodilator" in google and look at the 6th post down. Seems to be great stuff!

  4. In my opinion honey in its raw state i some of the best stuff to put into or onto your body. despite the fact that it is mostly sugars, if im not mistaken the viscosity of the honey gives it a GI of about 60. also raw honey has TONS of live enzymes in it and TONS of other beneficial aids which boosts performance, endurance, muscle recovery and immunity. also if you have a cut or burn you will have a great antiseptic, a friend of mine actually chopped a bit of her thumb off (by accident) and used raw honey to heal the wound, its hard to tell it ever happened
    if you are going to google anyways type in -benefits of honey- and reap the rewards of the knowlege you will gain. just remember, when honey is heated it gets denatured, so don't go for that grade A stuff, go for pure raw honey! if there are any farmers markets or whole food stores close to you grab some. Personally i love to have it pre-peri-post workout, or whenever i need something sweet. a little goes a long way

  5. honey is very good for immune system and it makes oatmeal taste much better. i use it when im not pre-contest
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  6. I use honey as my PWO carb source. It's soo delicious. I get it from Sunflower market, they have a dispenser so you can get as much honey as you want...and it's good honey. (I think. At least it's better than that "honey" they put in those stupid plastic bears.)
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    I love a little honey on cottage cheese, porridge oats, or anything that needs a little 'sweetness'.

    Pure, raw honey is pretty amazing stuff for the immune system and general health, just a shame it's so damn expensive!

    When I'm cutting though, I do tend to drop it to save the calories.


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