recommend a good Colon Cleanse producy/System.

  1. recommend a good Colon Cleanse producy/System.

    You see all these infomercials about these parasites and lbs of bacteria, etc. I know most of that is BS, but is there a quality cleansing system that works that isn`t $30 a week.

  2. Personally I think those cleanser systems are a bunch of crap.... For the most part, its usually a kitchen sink concoction of different herbs, with some mild herbal laxatives and fiber.

    You could save a lot more money just by upping your fiber and water intake and lowering the amount of "dirty" foods you consume. If you really wanted too, you could just do a fast broken into/out of with raw foods.

    Check how much fiber you consume daily on average and then try to up that.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by reptone View Post
    I know most* of that is BS

  4. Go for a good old fashioned enema - you will feel pretty good after, despite the fact you've had a tube up your arse pumping warm water (unless that's your type of thing)

  5. Go to the doctor for a professional colon cleanse.Infomercials are garbage.

  6. Really if you wanna clean your colon out, go to white castles and get a crave case of sliders.....

    Actually that is a full system purge.

  7. Maybe you could try shoving a water hose down your throat as far as it'll go, then turning it on full blast?

  8. Yeah, like everyone said here, the concept of colon cleansing is marketing. There is absolutely no science behind it. What is more likely to happen instead of cleansing is carrying bacteria where it shouldn't go by spraying water up your ass. Same idea with girls douching. It does more harm than good, and is just to sell. Your colon cleanses itself, get a colonoscopy if you'd like to see how clean it actually is, or check out pictures. Nothing accumulates inside your colon (large intestine).

  9. Hey, what is your motivation for wanting to do this? Without a clearly formulated goal, it's hard to give good advice...

  10. Quote Originally Posted by washingtonirvin View Post
    Hey, what is your motivation for wanting to do this? Without a clearly formulated goal, it's hard to give good advice...
    Just to clean out my body. I`ve decided to just up my fiber and when I`m done with the cycle I`m on I`ll fast for a few days and ease back in with raw veggies and have a fresh start. Thanks for all the advice.

  11. Hmmmm. Ok. Some of the previous posters have said that they think colon cleansing is bollocks. I tend to disagree. My advice is predicated on the notion that our digestive systems can have harmful amounts of bad bacteria, yeasts, undigested food, and toxins released from elsewhere in the body. It's funny because some doctors will say that detoxing is nonsense, and then proceed to recommend antibiotics/antifungals and clear fluids ... their advice doesn't match their theory at all.

    So, I will recommend a digestive cleansing program with several steps. The first part is emptying out the intestines, and the second part is repopulating the gut with healthy bacteria. The first part is relatively quick (a day or so), and the second takes at least a few days.

    Gut transit time tends to be around 24 hours. The less solid food you have in your gut at the outset, the better.

    Part 1: Clean out your intestines.

    Day 1: Have soup for breakfast and lunch, and stick with clear liquids for dinner. No tea or coffee on days 1-3. Drink only water on these days, or something really simple like unsweetened chamomile tea if you want variety. Before bedtime, the fun begins.

    The last time I did this I used a teaspoon and a half of sea salt, which I took with four ounces of warm-to-hot water. Suffice it to say it was effective. Make sure the sea salt is fully dissolved in the water before drinking. Then drink it down. Yummy.

    A really hard-core cleanse will have your poo looking like lemonade, just a clear yellow liquid will come out when you have to go. I can't say how far the dose I took will get you in this direction, but it should be a good starting point. You can always get a bit more hard-core the next time around.

    I suggest taking the sea-salt-in-warm-water just before bed. You may have to rush straight to the bathroom, or it may take a bit of time to kick in.

    The next day you should be going to the bathroom frequently, and the liquid will get progressively clearer. This is good.

    Part 2: Repopulate the gut with healthy bacteria.

    Day 2: On this day, I suggest sticking with clear liquids, more specifically chicken broth. I like chicken broth with a packet of gelatin. Have 6-8 ounces of broth for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on day 2.

    Day 3: Start phasing in more satisfying food. Start probiotics.

    I like to add chicken meat and a bit of rice to the soup. It is also good to add some simple vegetables, like cooked carrots or cucumber.

    There are many probiotics on the market. I am going to recommend one that is somewhat expensive, but backed by extremely impressive research: VSL#3. Go with the packets. Make sure to keep them refrigerated. Before breakfast and dinner on day 3, have a pack of VSL#3 mixed into a few ounces of cool water.

    Following days. Keep having a pack of VSL #3 before breakfast and dinner. Stick with foods that are not difficult to digest.

    Let me know if you have questions...



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