1. Sulbutiamine/Anandamide/THC

    Anyone have any reserach on these, as far as relating to each other ETC.

  2. Well after a quick google search and some anecdotal and personal experience I could come to a few subjective conclusions...

    I've always had great experiences with sulbutiamine (the bulk powder... not that BS Biotest crap), although the duration couldn't have been more than a couple of hours for me. I always enjoyed great mental focus with this pre w.o. and a mood lift as well.

    Anandamide is an endogenous canniboid that stimulates hunger in the brain (CB1 receptor), and if I read into this right, can also act as a analgesic/anti-inflammatory in higher amounts in the body (CB2 receptor). Anandamide also, just like THC, suppresses the hippocampus in terms of the formation of long term memory. I don't think the research is definite, but there seems to be some evidence that canniboids, (both THC and anandamide) are neuroprotective.

    Taken in concert, my guess would be this: a case of mad munchies, possibly a more intense high, and w/ the sulbutiamine, I could only guess. You could have a trippy head high and then again you could have a very focused high as well. If I had some sulbutiamine and anandamide on hand then I would definitely try this out

    Ha if you decide to give it a try I would definitely look forward to your feedback on it. I'm always curious about new experiences

    EDIT: Reading more (wikipedia is the bomb), THC and metabolites act as antioxidants and also promote neurogenesis as well...

    In short, THC is the best nootropic ever

  3. "THC is the best nootropic ever"

    Honestly, I think there is a lot to be said for the nootropic potential of THC. This is the first I've heard of Anandamide; it sounds fascinating from your (and wikipedia's) description. As for sulbutiamine, it is great stuff, deserving to be a staple of stimulant stacks.

    Strange as it may sound, the most productive writing month of my life was also the month when I consumed the most THC. That said, it can absolutely be taken to excess ... too much just makes me confused.

    I like to take 400mg of sulbutiamine along with other stims like coffee. Too much of it can lead to headaches. Interestingly, sulbutiamine is a sexual stimulant too. I think sulbutiamine is one of the most underrated compounds out there.


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