Physical Labor...

  1. Physical Labor...

    Theres gotta be some guys on here that are in physical labor jobs (landscaping, construction)... im curious what do you guys pack for lunch

    Now that I have to take a cooler to work im finding it to be harder to plan decent meals than I thought it would be... any suggestions?

  2. used to.

    lunch is simple lean beef with brown rice and speg sauce

    or chicken breasts with sweet potaoe broccli if you dont have time to eat meals....

    put whey protein powder in a baggy or egg whites in your freezer
    if you in a rush 50 gram eggwhites or 60 whey protein every two hours with oats mixed in and/or olive oil.(depending on whether you dont want to mix c and f)

    You can drink easily drink 1000 k's (yes i said 1000) if your doing work all day long. i know I had to keep calories up or Id shrink working outside in the heat(90 plus degrees) and cold(and 10 degrees outside) moving around stuff. AMJUNE50 50 % off

    Great Physique fitness, facebook, online consultations

  3. Flawed: make yourself some chicken breasts at night maybe even some brown rice and of course bring bread whole wheat to put your breast on or eat it plain...brown rice warm in micro with a little water....i take my lunch everyday to work and its not to bad...I bring like 2 pbj, 2 ham cheese, 1 or 2 chicken breasts with bread also and a slice of cheese to put on them etc... then i drink bout 4 or more pro shakes a day an 2 to 3 bcaas drinks a day...even could possibly bring oatmeal in with you, the oatmeal with the old man on it of course...i usually eat 1 or 2 cups of that a day too...hope this gives you an idea...

  4. When I was doing physical labour, I did my 3k clean calories, plus how god only knows how many calories from fast food, That was also the leanest bulking ive ever done and I wasnt even trying to bulk at the time

  5. I do construction type work...usually working between 10-15 hours a day, 6 days a week....I just throw a bucket of protein powder in my truck and drink 'em all day lol

    And of course, pack some sandwiches and fruit for lunch.

  6. I just cooked a whole fxckin chicken in the slow cooker! That should last me a day or 2!hahaha

  7. I used to be in a warehouse. I strait packed my george forman grill, lean beef patty or chicken breast, cottage cheese, green beans, flax seed multirain bread, and some other stuff i cant remember. People walked in with McDonalds and envied my lunch!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Zero V View Post
    I used to be in a warehouse. I strait packed my george forman grill, lean beef patty or chicken breast, cottage cheese, green beans, flax seed multirain bread, and some other stuff i cant remember. People walked in with McDonalds and envied my lunch!
    hahahahaa thats awesome man...let them have their fat pills from mickey d's lol...:donut:

  9. Check out my Ham Pasta Salad Recipe in Recipes section..Great and easy to make a weeks worth...
  10. UKStrength
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    I'm providing nutritional support for a guy at my gym, he's a laborer and often does 12 hour shifts on the trot with very few breaks.

    I found that the best things for him were either:

    1. Huge batch of Tuna with mashed potatoes, veggies and olive oil made into a 'hash'.
    2. MRPs (dry powder in shakers, ready to add milk) with fruit to snack on.
    3. Sandwiches

    I suppose anything could be used, so long as it's 'ready to eat'. I think it could become an issue if you start needing microwaves or blenders to make your food and the temptation to use MRPs for most meals is pretty great if you don't get consistent breaks.

  11. my new issue is spending the day in a car, or out since I am a "claims specialist" aka a roofing salesman with a fancy title.

    with summer coming, I am unsure how to carry food with me that will be good throughout the day.

    Is there such a thing as a car fridge?

    EDIT: yes...yes there is! ""wagan 12-Volt 15 Liter Hot / Cold Personal Fridge"" WOOT!

  12. They also Have rechargeable electric coolers

  13. Quote Originally Posted by lamboruns View Post
    They also Have rechargeable electric coolers
    I work in the trades, but I have a hard time eating enough with the short breaks. Today I had half a turkey sandwich (1/4 lb meat) for morning break and then for lunch I had half a chick. breast & 1 wing (leftovers from a party) and a sweet potato with about 2 cups of broccoli.

    The trades is the perfect venue to make all your food in big batches and either freeze parts of it or eat it all week (which gets old). I make 4 or 5 sweet potatoes in the oven and put all of them in tupperware for the week, then make broccoli or some other veggies 2-3x/week (steam up a whole produce bag's worth at a time).

    Making chili is a great idea, and I also used to make big batches of meat spaghetti sauce which I would freeze and eat over a period of a couple weeks.

    I still end up hungry as hell at the end of the day, gotta work on that. If they have the dehumidifying systems going I'll go thru 1.5 gallons of water a day and probably an extra 1000-1500 calories on a hard day. I had 4lbs difference on the scale between this morning (dehydrated) and this afternoon (partially hydrated).


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