Do I need a diet change?

  1. Do I need a diet change?

    Is it good to change your diet around like your lifting routine? I've been eating clean for the past 4 months and seem to be at a standstill in my fat loss. I basically carb cycle, eating about 75-100 g on low days and about 300 on high days. I usually do 2 low 1 high etc. Is there something else I can do to jump start the fat loss again?

  2. Your body may just need a break from a calorie deficit. If you've been on a deficit for 4 months I would suggest bumping your calories back up to maintenance for a month or so. Youre body will probably start dropping fat again once you go back to a deficit.

  3. As you get leaner, you need to drop cals or increase cardio to break through such standstills.. You can't expect to eat the same amount of cals forever, weather it be gaining weight, or losing weight.

    How much cardio are you doing? what is your BF% currently?

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