Good Meal Plan?

  1. Good Meal Plan?

    Right now i am 5'9 220lbs and im tryin to get to between 180-200 but keep my muscle tell me if this a good day of nutrition

    5:30 am = 3 eggs, 3 sausage links, 2 pices of turkey bacon, cup of apple/orange juice

    9:20 am = bag of peanuts

    11:10 am = mashed potatoes, chicken balls, corn (school lunch), apple, skim milk

    2:15 pm = bag of peanuts and almonds and bag of raisins

    2:45 pm = workout

    4:00 pm = protein shake and apple/bannana

    6:30-7:00 pm = dinner usually protein, carbs, and veggies

    9:00-10:30 pm = bowl of cherios or something with skim milk (if im hungary)

    from 7:00 am - 2:15 pm im in school

  2. Here is what I would do, and this is just my opinion...

    Ditch the sausage and bacon for breakfast, Eat the apple or oragne instead of drinking the juice.

    Don't have the mashed potatoes at lunch
    You say for dinner protein carbs and veggies??? your carbs should come mainly from your veggies, you need a fat in there for dinner... I would skip out on your cherios at night... maybe mix in another protein shake instead...

    Make sure you are doing a decent amount of cardio, and make sure you are still lifting weights, you will keep most of your muscle.

  3. thanks tone i do 3 days of lifting and 3 days of cardio and wat should i try to do at lunch and wat fats can i get in at dinner?

  4. Eat as naturally as possible. No overly processed meats, no fruit juices, etc...

    Fruit is fine, fibrous veggies are fine, quinoa, oats, etc...

    Avoid most big name breads, even the whole wheat crap, unless it's Ezekiel bread, that stuff is Legit, with a capital L in case you missed it.

  5. Check out the Zone diet bro.

    If you click the "zone meal of the week" link in my sig there are recipes, pics, and info with links to more info.
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