Post workout shake

  1. Post workout shake

    I was wondering if I could get some input on this. I have had to switch my workout time from mid day to early evenings. My pwo shake has been the same for a few years now and has done well by me. I simply mix 50g whey, 16oz 100% juice cranberry juice ( no hf corn syrup), glutamine and 1/2 cup 1 min oats, which I grind prior to blending. I realize there are other options out there, but I have been happy with this shake, it tastes great, and I would prefer to spend my money on other supps rather than exotic carbs like wms and such. I am 37 y/o and I try to emphasize carb cutoffs at six so as not to explode at the waist line. However, sometimes I am done my workout after 6pm. I know that I need these carbs in this shake. Should I continue to do this shake, and if so, should my following meal also contain carbs or just go with protein?

  2. I would keep the shake, and perhaps just reduce the total amount of carbs in your postWO meal if you find it is not being utilized.

  3. Thanks for the help. That is what I thought too. I appreciate the reply.

  4. i say throw some mono and taurine help with pumps and recovery

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