I want to gain 20-30 pounds!

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    eat, lift, eat, eat, eat, eat, sprint, eat, sleep, repeat
    That's the secret... especially someone your size. Get a gym membership (or invest in an Olympic bar and some plates), check out Mark Rippetoe's or Bill Starr's stuff (Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe is probably the best resource for someone in your position) and follow their programming, then EAT A FRIGN TON! Start at whatever calories you decide and increase by 250 cals every 2 weeks you don't gain as much weight as you want... and for God's sake drink a gallon milk a day too - you need it!

  2. Hey bro, I'm 5'8" and 132lbs, so we're in the same boat.

    My advice, eat protein every 2-3 hours, without fail. Make them lean sources. I buy like 6 tubs of cottage cheese every week to eat between meals, and for my last meal. I also take 1-2 tblspoons of natural peanut butter before bed, to help with testosterone production. I take ZMA as well.

    Just make yourself eat every 3 hours with 20+ protein in it, and you should start gaining weight. My regular days are at 1870 cals or so, and I'm gaining weight. But I do have 2-3 days where I eat a fatty lunch or dinner, so my avg per day for a week is probably 2000+. Just start eating, and hit the scale ONCE A WEEK. Don't look at the scale too much or you will just freak yourself out.

    I gained 10lbs since I started eating cottage cheese between meals and upping portions of some meals, that was like 2 weeks ago. So 10lbs in about 2 weeks.

    If you can, work out 5 days a week. For about an hour a day. Anymore and I think you'd just be overdoing it, for the moment. There are body exercises you can do if you don't have weights...but i suggest get some weights if you can.

    Then, start low! and get your form down! starting at 25lbs and swinging them around with not make your muscles grow! It will just make your joints ache, or worse. Start off with like a 5lb dumbell, explosive but controlled upward movement, slooow stretch all the way to the bottom. Do that until failure, for 2 sets. If on the second set your reps are higher than 12, bump up the weight a LITTLE. Repeat. When you get to the weight where your reps are between 8-12, use those. Then when you can't do 8-12 reps, drop down the weight until you can do 8-12 reps. This is called a drop set, I use them religiously.

    It's hard work, it takes time, but don't give up. If you take to heart what I have said, you will grow. Remember, more weight does not mean a bigger you.


  3. eat more, try to eat clean. 1g protein per body weight, ton of carbs, eat your veggies and you will grow like a horse. Unless your body naturally has really low test or HGH levels

  4. You guys can do it man if you buy a bar and 300lbs and a bench, thats a good start. Will run you about $300. Go at it hard and eat your ass off, you can do it man you can make it! Dont let anyone tell you you cant never give up.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Pleonastic View Post
    You guys can do it man if you buy a bar and 300lbs and a bench, thats a good start. Will run you about $300. Go at it hard and eat your ass off, you can do it man you can make it! Dont let anyone tell you you cant never give up.
    Well said.
    Lifting is a must. And it can be cheap. You can always find weights cheap in the classified ads.
    Or better yet. Go for a gym membership. Private or YMCA. There is always someone who will be happy to spot ya.

    As far as supplements go. I would recomend whey protein. This can give you 52 grams of protein, (More with whole milk) for each drink.
    Also if you do start lifting get on a lifting schedule. And stick to it.
    Once you start hitting the weights, Creatine as a supplement can help you to bulk up a little more and give you a bit more ooommf in the gym.

    Just be aware..

    There was once a tale of a man who ended up gaining a lot of weight really fast. It did not work out to well for him in the long run.
    Ever see the movie "Supersize me?"

    Good luck man.


  6. Its not neccessarily that he needs weight training (dumbelss barbelss) but that if he wants to pursue bodyweight methods indefinately he will have to get creative/knowledgable... i.e. One arm pushups with 100ib weighted vest, pullups with a dip belt, handstand pushups.. plenty of stuff to get strong with..

    You are right about his diet, he needs about 3500-4000 (prferably the latter) to bulk up imo..

  7. repost,, just a thought.. Look at Calisthenic kings

  8. Thread is from '09. The guy was probably just "trolling".

  9. lol he dug deep for this one tho.



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