cutting diet

  1. cutting diet

    hi guys, im 19 male, 5ft 10inches, 170lbs with 17% bodyfat, good physique. I eat pretty clean and train 4-5 times weights with 4 days but I want to lose as much body fat as possible and keep the muscle in the next 8 weeks as im heading on hols for the summer. any ideas on a good cutting diet?

  2. cutting diet

    at the moment this is my current diet.

    8:40 wake up

    8:50 1 cup of oats (water), 2 protein scoops, cup of tea (semi skimmed milk)

    11:00 chicken fillet, 1 cup brown rice, water

    01:00 same as above, handful almonds

    04:00 2 spoons natural peanut butter

    train 5-6:30

    06:40 protein shake,

    7:00 sci-mex glutamine, dorian yates creatine

    07:40 chicken fillet, brocolli, asparagus,
    glass semi skimmed milk

    10:00 omellete (3 whites, 2 yolks),

    What do yas think, some advise, opinions?

  3. I think that the Rice is unnecessary. If you had a little bit in your post workout meal that would be okay, but you won't really need it otherwise. Replacing it with more Veggies would benefit you more. Besides that, your diet looks good!

    Drinking LOTS of water and eating LOTS of veggies will help you out a ton.

  4. ye cheers, try to keep the carbs low after workout to shed fat. I also go for a run 2 times a week on empty stomach. Anybody else any ideas?

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