When I ever get the chance to increase carbs I think I may cut down protein to like 300 protein up the carbs (its very individual) I tend to put on weight fast and lose weight less fast. and I could be completely wrong... and just need to take a chill pill=)

any idea's...on pre-contest mode verses gaining weight mode if its a good idea to decrese the protein on gaining mode. I stand by the fact that high protein especially 1.5-2 grams of bodyweight is needed pre-contest, maybe even more. I was watching a Ronnie Coleman video and what i got out of it why hes body looked better and trim that year was because he ate less junk and clean all year round and cut his protein consumption down at one time. Maybe Im overanalyzing...fatloss takes so darned long for me. Maybe a need a refeed day and the world will be all no worries

completely different topic

are whole foods better or whole foods then shake? aleternating between the two

many times I get in much whole foods as I can, instead of shakes. Shales are if I dotn feel like cooking or on the go. These days I have the time to cook.